Corine Govi
I was born and raised in the south of France. I studied in Provence, in Britain and in Canada before becoming a French licensed guide in 1985. Fascinated by its history, I fell in love with Venice in the late 80’s. it gradually adopted me and now I'm definitely Venetian! I learned to understand its duplicity, its nuances, its silences. Venice is so beautiful and so fragile at the same time...

I have worked for many years for the international Film Festival of Venice (La Mostra) and I obtained my license to be a local certified guide in 2000.

Today I guide my people through the less visited parts of the city discovering alleyways, canals, and private courtyards, unique neighborhoods, Private Palaces, hidden artistic treasures as well as the famous monuments. Its unusual and unexpected atmosphere will surprise you...Let me tell you the great history of the Serenissima with my experience and unique perspective. My mission is to show you the authentic Venice!
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