Basilica Special at noon when the light is on. Church dress -code requested.
This tour is a very complete and unique visit of the Basilica from outside and inside to learn the history and the Byzantine architecture of St. Mark’s Cathedral .  Upon entering, you will be immediately immerged into the bright, golden Byzantine mosaics setting. You will see the Golden Pala D’oro created by generations of Venetian and Byzantine goldsmiths. The steep and very old staircase will lead us to the Loggia  with the four Horses  brought back from Constantinople after the 4th Crusade. From the terrace  you will have a unique explanation of St. Mark’s Square: the Doge’s Palace, the Bell Tower, the Clock Tower, the Sansovino’s  Library, the Napoleonic Wing which today hosts the Correr Museum. This is a magic moment not to be missed!
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