The true Venice: The trading center of Venice - Rialto and its market, the foreign warehouses, Marco Polo’s house. (Best in the morning)
Since the 10th century Venetians have depended on the Rialto market and its financial centre for their daily supplies of fish, vegetables, fruit and spices. Today the market is still the lively heart of the town; from there we will cross the Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge intersecting the Grand Canal, a real masterpiece of engineering of the 16th century. We will continue towards Marco Polo ‘s house, San Giovanni and Paolo and the Venetian Hospital,  once an important brotherhood of Venice, then we will see the marble gems of the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the Church of  Santa Maria Formosa.
Other tours
St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica ( 2 hours – Priority entrance to St.Mark’s Basilica This is the perfect tour for those who want to start and understand the history  of Venice, its political system and its artistic splendor. We will... Orientation tour, main sites plus backstreets / 2 hours - Priority entrance to the Basilica The tour starts with the visit of St. Mark’s Square and its Monuments. Priority entrance to St. Mark’s Basilica and its golden mosaics. It will... Orientation tour, main sites plus boat ride through the inner canals / 2 hours – Priority entrance to the Basilica Stroll through the main attractions plus boat ride through the inner canals (child friendly) The tour starts with the visit of St. Mark’s... The Doge’s Palace: visit of the institutional rooms plus the secret trails: ( 2 hours - according to the availability of the museum in pre-booking the tour): This is the perfect tour for those who want to know everything about the Doge’s Palace and its secrets. The tour includes the monumental and... Tour of the Grand Canal and cruise along the inner and unknown Canals ( 2 hours- private boat required ) A complete overview of Venice by private boat: history and legends of the Palaces along the Grand Canal, intimate and unknown canals and districts,... The secret Venice: The Sestiere of Castello - the foreign communities and the Arsenale This stroll takes place in one of the most popular and fascinating corners of Venice where we will also see the settlements of the Greek and Dalmatian... Unknown Venice: Cannaregio district and the Jewish Ghetto This is a walk into one of the most folkloristic neighborhoods, en route you will see a quieter area of the city known for its long canals that are... The islands of the Lagoon and the Mose Project The history of Venice started from its lagoon and its islands. This tour will introduce you to the amazing Venice Lagoon, where you can see its fragile...
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